The College of Arts and Letters offers courses where students can learn more about the complex history of race, civil rights, African-American history and culture, U.S. politics and policing, as well as about ways to advocate for change. Education alone is not enough to change the world, but it is the vital foundation upon which we can build an informed and active citizenry who can embody and enact the ideals that lead to social justice. Education is a privilege. We can and should use that privilege to transform and challenge ourselves and the world we live in – to embrace the difficult work ahead – both in demanding change and being willing to “be the change.” 

The African American poet Maya Angelou said: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” The language that we use in our classrooms is critical to supporting and protecting all of our students and members of our campus communities. As educators, we understand that we must always work to do better. We hope that you'll come learn with us.

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