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The Logic and Reasoning Institute promotes the interdisciplinary study of logic and reasoning at James Madison University. The LRI sponsors and encourages coursework and research, as well as promoting the teaching and application of logic across the university.


The mission of the LRI is to develop and maintain an innovative, interdisciplinary undergraduate program in logic and reasoning, and to promote interdisciplinary research in logic, its application, and its pedagogy.


The LRI will

  • Foster collaboration among faculty and students in the study of logic and reasoning across disciplines
  • Emphasize the key role of logic and formal reasoning in the humanities, sciences, and mathematics
  • Develop and maintain a logic and reasoning minor
  • Develop new and existing courses in logic and reasoning (including interdisciplinary and team-taught courses)
  • Emphasize the philosophical foundations of logic and reasoning in and across the disciplines such as mathematics, the sciences, philosophy, and economics.

Dr. Thomas Adajian (Philosophy) and Dr. Tracy Lupher (Philosophy) are the co-founders and co-directors of the LRI. 

For information on the Logic minor, click here

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