Curriculum and Instruction Committee (C&I)

Each college has an undergraduate curriculum and instruction (C&I) committee to review course and program proposals. The committee is chaired by a faculty member who coordinates the review and voting for the college. The college C&I chair also works with other college C&I chairs and the Vice Provost for Academic Development to ensure all proposals are appropriately developed and considered by the university community.

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College Faculty Council (CFC)

To provide a governance structure for the faculty of the College of Arts and Letters to advise the dean on matters of budget, planning, and personnel. The function of this committee is to communicate the concerns, viewpoints and recommendations of the faculty independent of any other administrative levels of the college.

Research, Awards, and Development Committee

The Research, Awards, and Development Committee is organized by associate dean Melinda Adams, who oversees college research and scholarship initiatives. This committee reviews applications for grants and leaves.

Staff Advisory Committee

The Staff Advisory Committee is comprised of college staff volunteers who meet monthly to discuss topics of interest to the group, to provide feedback to the dean on college issues involving the staff, to administer the Staff Recognition Award and to plan the end of the year workshop. All staff members are eligible and are encouraged to serve.

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