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Who We Are

Affectionately known as the “college on the Quad,” the College of Arts and Letters offers high-quality programs across thirteen majors in the humanities, social sciences, communication and pre-professional studies at James Madison University. We are committed to free but rigorous and controlled inquiry into human nature.

Commitment to Diversity

As the JMU college with the most programs dedicated to equity and inclusion, we are committed to integrating these values across our college community. Whether in the classroom and the office, in fieldwork and in research, we hold our faculty, students, and staff responsible for fostering  inclusiveness that is central to our college mission. All are welcome, all belong.

Student Experience

Our diverse areas of study are designed to:

  • promote lifelong learning by sharpening analytical skills
  • improve communications abilities
  • cultivate a facility for written expression
  • enhance cultural and community awareness
  • intensify moral and aesthetic sensitivity
  • foster awareness of the contingent nature of knowledge.

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