The cross disciplinary minor in world literature is designed for students who wish to extend their critical understanding of literature and other artistic productions beyond the confines of Anglo-America and offers them the opportunity to study literary and artistic productions from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean Islands, continental Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and a special interest area (Native America, African America, Asian America, Immigrant Britain). By offering a broad yet substantial introduction to literature and other arts produced beyond their traditional experience, the minor provides students with a bridge to understanding new cultures and languages. It aims to equip students with the critical and analytical skills necessary to reflect upon and appreciate these artistic practices as well as to develop a clear understanding of social context and artistic expression by encouraging them to think outside the local and on a more global level. The minor provides a good foundation for students to meet the challenges of graduate studies in comparative literature, world cinema and cultural studies/history.

The requirement for a minor in world literature is 18 credit hours. Six credit hours may be double-counted between the minor and the major or general education courses.

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