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The Mahatma Gandhi Center for Global Nonviolence promotes the insights and practices of Being the Change You Want to See in the World by functioning as a local and global hub of learning, research, and practice to advance the understanding of nonviolence through individual and collaborative endeavors.

The Gandhi Center is guided by three values: respect—for life and its myriad forms; reconciliation—for those in struggle; and restoration—of the social and spiritual health of diverse communities.

Housed in the College of Arts and Letters and Department of Justice Studies, the Center’s core mission is to promote justice and nonviolence through education, scholarship, and engagement.


Center News
Beitzel Lecture Series

The inaugural Beitzel lecture will be given in the spring by 2021-22 Nonviolence Research Lab associate Dr. Samiullah Nuristani. Dr. Nurisani's research focuses on the corrosive effects of government corruption in Afghanistan.

Virtual Gandhi Book Launch - October 1, 2021
Ending systemic racism & creating an inclusive society - JMU Civic Virtual Town Hall June 4, 2020

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