The cross disciplinary humanitarian affairs minor provides students with a global perspective on the major humanitarian crises facing the human community today. Students will investigate the impacts of natural disasters, disease, hunger and famine, poverty, conflict, and national and international policies on the welfare of human communities around the world. They will also explore solutions to various humanitarian crises and evaluate the problems of practicing humanitarian in the world today. Students will become acquainted with the organizations that address these crises and the challenges they face. Finally, students will acquire knowledge and skills that prepare them for careers in governmental and non-governmental organizations that address humanitarian issues.

The minor is open to all undergraduate students at JMU. Students are strongly encouraged to complete an international field experience.

The international experience must be one that will enhance the student's knowledge of humanitarian affairs and must be approved by the humanitarian affairs coordinator. This experience can be completed abroad or with an international organization in the U.S.

The requirement for a minor in humanitarian affairs is 18 credit hours.

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