Wilson Hall at James Madison University

Policy Number:   130-3     Last Updated:  10/21/2016

Policy Title:   Recruiting Travel – Lodging

Athletic Business Office:  568-3829 or 568-2367

Athletic Compliance Office:  568-7357 or 568-6248

AP Travel Supervisor: 568-8019

Websites: JMU Financial Procedures Manual


All recruiting travel must be in accordance with NCAA requirements and the JMU Athletic Compliance Office.  Sport programs perform recruiting travel via a blanket TA for the fiscal year.


 Provide sport programs information needed to secure lodging for recruitment of athletes.



See the JMU website listed at the beginning of this policy for important guidelines.

In addition to the website information:

  • Per Diem Rates -  See M&IE Rate Tables at the following website: GSA Per Diems
  • If lodging is over per diem rates:  Prior approval is required in advance and proper documentation justifying the lodging exception up to 150% of the guidelines for both in-state and out-of-state travel. 

Documentation Needed:

  1. Prior Approval Form
  2. At least two hotel comparisons showing higher rates than the hotel where the coach or PSA is proposing to stay.

Recruiting Coach Travels Away from JMU:

Lodging can be paid by coach. Make sure to have an original invoice from the hotel detailing the nightly rate, taxes, method of payment and a zero balance. This must be attached to the Chrome River expense report.

PSA Official Visit:

Per NCAA regulations, it is only permissible to provide lodging for the PSA and parents, spouse or legal guardians during the 48 hour period of the official visit.

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