Name, Position & Contact Info.

Description of Responsibilities

Andrew Hijjeh
Director for Business Office
Godwin 205 C
(540) 568-3829

  • Manage Budgets
  • Approve expenditures, reimbursements, purchases
  • Approve all personnel transactions
  • Responsible for all athletic financial transactions, reports, analysis, authorization, etc.
  • Human Resources Director for Athletics
  • Assist with budget development and disbursements
  • Monitor departmental budgets
  • Contact for trade and in-kind
  • POC for support staff and coaches with questions for ABO
  • POC - eVA
  • Monitor Athletic Accounts Receivables and Prepare Quarterly Reports
  • Assist Director with Financial Reports and Research

Allison Vandevander
Business Manager
Godwin 205 B
(540) 568-5008

  • Liaison with SWEC and Payroll Office
  • Process vouchers and invoices for Game Mgmt and Athletic Facilities
  • Prepare Deposits of non-Athletic events for Athletic  Facility rentals
  • Post and reconcile 300296 account
  • Post monthly departmental accounting reports
  • Compiles NCAA Reporting documentation
  • Distribute Foundation monthly reports to coaches and Departmental Supervisors
  • Reconciles Athletics Administration Account (300022)
  • Post & Reconciles Local Accounts (800106 and 800168) and Revenue Account for Athletics Dept.
  • Post & Reconciles CAA Post Season (300314)/NCAA Post Season (300262) Accounts
  • Prepare Athletic invoices for various miscellaneous sport billings
  • Backup assisting in HR duties like ePAR processing and timesheet entry
  • Admin for Swim and Dive
  • Temporary JMU Technology Coordinator for the Athletics Department

Sandra Krezelak
Athletics Business Coordinator
Godwin 205 A
(540) 568-5263

  • Serves as Assistant to the Director for Human Resources for Athletics
  • ePAR coordination processing (student and wage) as well as assisting with paperwork for Job Recruitment, Contracts, Hiring Paperwork, Bonus Processing, employee exit, etc.
  • Main time entry person for student and wage employee payroll processing within the Athletics Deptpartment

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