AAAD Presents: Good Trouble is a podcast that showcases interdisciplinary conversations related to academic engagements with Black knowledges, histories, arts, cultures, peoples, politics and ideas. Megan Medeiros launched this podcast on February 22, 2022. For more information, click the links below. Have a question or an episode suggestion? Email (

Season 1

Episode 2: The Antiracist Gen Ed Project

Megan and Morgan sit down with Drs. Allison Fagan, Amy Lewis, Tolu Odumosu, and Carah Whaley to discuss the course they recently co-taught, The Antiracist Gen Ed Project, offered in collaboration with AAAD and JMU X-Labs.

Show Notes


Episode 1: Where Are They Now? with Collin Bright and Spencer Law

Megan sits down with recent AAAD grads, Collin Bright and Spencer Law to discuss the impact AAAD had on their education and life. We discuss their research and their experience in the AAAD minor as well as the overwhelming feeling of ubuntu present within the AAAD program.

Show Notes


Megan Medeiros

Megan is the primary host and the administrative assistant for AAAD, LAXC, and WGSS. She has an MA ('21) and BA ('17) in English from JMU. She's the web designer for AAAD, LAXC, and WGSS and previously was the graduate assistant host for Conversations at the Cohen Center ('20-21).


Collin Bright

Collin is a co-host for AAAD Presents: Good Trouble. He's a Communications and Advocacy graduate student, a teaching assistant for Communication Studies at JMU, and the graduate assistant for the AAAD Accomplice Network (@network.jmu).


Morgan Lyle

Morgan is a co-host for AAAD Presents: Good Trouble. She's a graduate student in the English department at JMU and the graduate assistant at The Cohen Center for the Humanities where she devotes part of her time to assisting AAAD, LAXC, and WGSS. 

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