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Support the African, African-American, and Diaspora Studies Center with a financial contribution today!

Your support for the AAAD Studies Center will help amplify and celebrate learning about the multitude of histories, traditions, accomplishments, leaders and ideas that originate from the continent of Africa and the African Diaspora. Your support will help students leverage this knowledge for the advancement of humanity worldwide. By supporting the AAAD Studies Center, you will be influencing what students can learn and experience—helping to train them as global citizens—and you will elevate JMU as a champion for diversity, equity and inclusion in higher education.

When you make a financial contribution, you help make these and other important programs possible:

  • Student Scholarships, Internship and Study Abroad Fellowships, Graduate Assistantships, and Conferences: Your support expands opportunities for students: to learn in the “real world” and to attend or present their work. From the Shenandoah Black Heritage Project to the Smithsonian’s national museums and the International Model African Union—and more—the AAAD Studies Center is establishing partnerships all over the globe. With your investment, local collaborations will strengthen JMU’s ties to nearby communities of color, while transnational projects will deepen the university’s engagements abroad and foster global citizenship among JMU students.
  • Faculty Fellowships, International Conferences, Institutes, Workshops, and Global Co-Teaching: Already, faculty members develop curricula and workshop their projects together under the AAAD Studies Center banner. Presentations at the AAAD annual academic conference at JMU and the Utu Conference (co-produced by JMU and the University of Nairobi) elevate our scholars as leaders in the field. Professors also initiate international teaching exchanges, global coteaching projects, and study-abroad opportunities. Investing in AAAD faculty success means professors will continue to do this important work, which will generate faster diversification of the curricula and develop faculty leadership.

Thank you for your support!

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