What can I do with a AAAD minor?
The diversity of the experience of the AAAD Minor prepares students to step into various careers in administration, astronomy, curatorship, medicine and health, teaching, international service, diplomatic service, politics, journalism, communication, and many other areas.

Are the courses challenging?
The courses aren’t necessarily going to challenge you by keeping you up all night doing worksheets, but they will challenge the way you think about the world. It’s best to come into AAAD courses with an open mind and a willingness to work through any assumptions you have from different perspectives.

Are there study abroad or internship opportunities?
There are multiple opportunities to study abroad in various places all over the world, including Madagascar, Ghana, and Uganda. Students have internship opportunities within the AAAD minor in graphic design, communication, and publicity. Check out these links for more information on study abroad and internships.

Are AAAD events and conference open to non-AAAD students?
Yes! All AAAD events including our conference are open to students outside the minor. Feel free to bring friends and family to events so long as the register when necessary.

How do I declare AAAD as a minor?
To declare the AAAD minor you are encouraged meet with the minor coordinator, Dr. Kathryn Hobson, to go over the requirements.

Can I declare multiple minors?
Yes, you can declare as many as you’d like.

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