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AAAD Internships & Research Internships

AAAD 401: Internship in African, African American and Diaspora Studies provides students with opportunities to apply knowledge learned in the classroom to professional and community-based settings. It provides valuable experience and prepares students for working independently in the field.

The AAAD minor also offers several internal internship opportunities every year. AAAD Minor Interns, typically serving for a full academic year, support the AAAD coordinators and AAAD faculty by contributing to campus and local events, academic programming, visiting scholars, and the annual AAAD conference, and maintaining a social media presence for the minor. AAAD Media Interns, also serving for a full academic year, support the minor and minor programming by designing promotional materials for events and social media. Please contact the AAAD Minor Coordinators if you are interested in learning more or applying.

AAAD faculty also occasionally offer Research Internships, which are designed to involve AAAD minors in the research life of the AAAD program. By enrolling in AAAD 401, research interns earn academic credit for their work supporting an AAAD faculty member’s research, teaching, or service project. In the process, research interns will deepen their knowledge and skills in their area of interest, while experiencing what it means to be part of an intellectual community engaged in research and professional development, and gaining a competitive edge on future job, fellowship, or graduate school applications. Available research internships will be announced to minors. Students are also welcome to reach out to faculty to inquire about possible research projects and internships. 

For a list of our past interns, click here.


Sydney Moon

My name is Sydney Moon and I am a senior English major with minors in Creative Writing and AAAD. I am also AAAD’s social media intern. This semester I will serve as a production/research assistant on the project: “Gender and Sexuality in Kenyan Societies” edited by Besi Muhonja and Babacar M’Baye. I have been published in Quirk Literary Journal and my poetry has been featured on JMU’s Creative Writing Program’s social media. I am unsure of my plans after I graduate, but grad school is certainly on the horizon. I grew up just outside of Washington DC and am currently located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, spending my days hiking, writing, and completing my studies remotely.

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For more information about AAAD internship opportunities, please contact the AAAD Internship Coordinator Case Watkins.

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