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Connections are the heartbeat of JMU. Come here and you'll join a community that fosters connections with people and learning, dreams and goals, ideas and the world. We care. We celebrate hard work. We cheer for our Dukes. We learn from each other. We are family.

Kamille Booth

JMU professors put students first. It’s easy to tell that Kamille Booth will be an amazing teacher. Add the JMU professors who are her guides, and the recipe for unmatched success is complete. More »

Jordan Pratt

Serving the community gets you ready. For Jordan Pratt, leadership opportunities that formed from her different community service projects have her feeling ready to conquer whatever real-world challenges that come her way. More »

Lucien Anderson

Exploring the area pays huge dividends. Lucien Anderson has found it easy to combine his geology major with his passion for all things outdoors at JMU. Living here offers endless chances to explore to your heart’s content. More »

Juliana Cruz

Living on campus sets you up well. Juliana Cruz says her on-campus living experience—especially finding people as excited about studying as she was—set the stage for much of her future academic success. More »

Emily Warden

Life after JMU is marked by success. Emily Warden, a 2023 Forbes 30 Under 30 Art & Style list honoree, found inspiration for her art while at JMU from many, including professors Mark Rooker and Allyson Taylor. More »

Diego Crespo Guido

Hands-on learning is real-life problem solving. Diego Crespo Guido is an impressive example of the JMU hallmark of learning by doing. See how his experience brings learning to life over and over again. More »

Miranda Stanhope

Explore our majors and find your passion. Miranda Stanhope followed her sharp mind and servant heart as she changed her major. She says the JMU system allows lots of flexibility to switch things up when needed. More »

Amy Beladia

Getting involved helps you learn about yourself. Amy Beladia’s experiences in clubs and organizations and an impressive internship are helping her hone skills that are setting her up for a bright future. More »

Study Abroad
Study Abroad

Our classroom is global. Opportunities are endless. Study away opportunities give JMU students an amazing mix of classes, day trips and lifetime memories. More »


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