Community service matters here. Come to JMU and you’ll have the chance to make a huge difference. The possibilities are endless. So are the pay-offs.


At JMU, there’s more to community service than meets the eye. 

Take, for example, The Hart School of Hospitality, Sport and Recreation Management’s longtime involvement with nearby Still Meadows Enrichment Center and Camp. This partnership is a classic example of multiple layers of hands-on learning tied up in the community service wrapper—a hallmark of the Madison Experience for so many.

Project coordinator and Hart School professor Theresa Lind says the project, launched in 2016, has seen nearly 700 JMU participants work in various capacities on one day each spring to ready the camp to serve children and adults with developmental and/or physical disabilities.

In an interesting twist, Lind’s 300-level event management class helps with advance planning, getting the word out about it and coordinating the actual event as it takes place.

The Still Meadows project represents the best of JMU. Giving back. Learning happening everywhere. Lives changing for the better.

Hart School students volunteering
Hart School students volunteering
Hart School students volunteering

 More Community Service

Dominican Republic

Honors students use their Spring Break to take part in a Central American engagement experience that includes volunteering with a local nonprofit focused on ethics and sustainable housing. The trip also features lectures and a unique opportunity for transformative exposure to the Dominican culture.

Relay for Life at James Madison University

Relay for Life of JMU

Our Relay For Life has been leading the way for decades. Perennially a top five program in the U.S., last year’s numbers include about 850 participants and a fundraising total of more than $139,000. Dukes make a difference over and over again.


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