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Expect to learn new ways to think. And to be challenged over and over. Expect this to boost your confidence more than you can imagine. And to make friends for life. Expect to fit in. And to catch your dreams.

Jabril Al-Hamdy

Hands-on learning is real-life problem solving. Jabril Al-Hamdy had some big dreams coming into college, and says that his JMU hands-on learning experience has exceeded his wildest imagination. Bringing the classroom to life in real-world settings happens everywhere at JMU. More »

N'Deye Sock

Living on campus sets you up well. N’Deye Sock says she has no doubt that living on campus got her amazing JMU journey off to the right start. Real friends. Foundational skills. Convenience. Memories to last a lifetime. Says Sock, living on campus really is the best. More »

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We discover our passions. With hands-on research, internships and fearless imagination, we are serious about finding ways to put what we learn to the test. More ►


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Student Life

The Madison Experience extends far beyond the classroom. There is always something to do here, allowing you to create memories with friends that last a lifetime.


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