Note: This workshop is capped at 20 participants.

Total Workshop Time: 3 Hours


TD2228:  Within the Team Communication

TD2229:  Among Teams Communication


You’re on a team, but do you know the best ways to communicate as a member of a team?

Communication During Organizational Stress is part of a 3 session certificate series that builds skills using assigned roles and goals from communication within the team where the norms are established, to communication among teams, and finishes with communication during stressful situations. Each session is a-la-carte, so you will need to enroll for each of the 3 sessions seperately in order to complete the series. Visit the Team Communication Certificate Series page for information about the other workshops in this collection.

Organizational stress is constant and makes good communication more challenging. By this point in the series, participants have the personal and cross-team communication skills confidently in practice. This session adds stressful events to the normal toy company model to provide opportunities to strengthen and expand communication skills. Objectives for the session are:

  • Identify key communication behaviors to use during stressful times
  • Practice appropriate methods to send messages
  • Deepen understanding of the core communication skills
  • Self-assess the impact of stress on personal communication skills


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  • Within the Team Communication (TD2228)
  • Among Teams Communication (TD2230)

Facilitated by: Director, Talent Development and Professional Development Specialist, Talent Development

Workshop Classifications

Type: All Inclusive

Level: Advanced

Competency: Communication

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