The Center for Multicultural Student Services remains steadfast in assisting the University in its overall goal of promoting diversity. Towards this effort, the Center seeks to retain students of color through encouraging and promoting their active participation in all-available programs, services, curricula and activities while preserving their cultural identity. The Center also seeks to encourage students of color to achieve and maintain academic excellence while assisting them in making successful adjustments to university life.

Community Engagement and Volunteer Center is a partnership joining JMU students, faculty, staff and the surrounding communities by identifying and coordinating intentional service opportunities to cultivate social responsibility and life-long learning, thereby fostering a generation of leaders committed to positive social change.

The Counseling Center provides a safe, supportive, trusting, and confidential environment which empowers students to develop the awareness, values, and skills they will need to meet future challenges and lead vital, meaningful lives. The Counseling Center offers a variety of treatment options, including short term-individual, psychiatric, group, and specialized treatment programs, to students experiencing mental health concerns common during college. Additionally, the Center provides mental health emergency support services, consultation services, and acts as a referral resource for students who would benefit from ongoing services. Finally, the Counseling Center engages in active outreach efforts focusing on the prevention of mental health concerns and maximizing the potential of all students, including those in underrepresented and marginalized communities.

The Office of Disability Services works to ensure that all students with documented disabilities have both an equal opportunity and equal access to JMU's programs and services. Our goal is to coordinate and provide reasonable accommodations, support services and programs that enable students with disabilities to maximize their educational potential and grow in the developmental process of transition to higher education, independence and effective self-advocacy.

The Office of Residence Life is about living and learning. Staff and financial resources are invested to create a safety-conscious, fun, and educational environment. ORL's Student Learning Initiatives program provides first-year students with social, emotional, and academic support as they adjust to life at JMU. Over 1,600 programs and activities take place in JMU residence halls each year.

The Office of Student Accountability & Restorative Practices handles student JMU community standards violations. Our goal is to educate students about policies, community standards, and their responsibilities as citizens of JMU and Harrisonburg, while considering the safety of the entire JMU community. We strive to accomplish this by facilitating student development and restoration through a fair process that holds students accountable to community and university standards in order to support student and community success.

The Office of Student Life provides all students with experiences for self-discovery, belonging and authentic engagement with each other, their communities and beyond. We take pride in providing facilities, services, and programs that enhance the quality of life of the JMU community and their guests, with a particular focus on students. Our team consists of Facilities and Event Services (which oversees Festival Conference and Student Center, The Union, and Student Success Center), Fraternity and Sorority Life, JMU Event ManagementOff-Campus Life (which includes The Pantry), Student Activities and Involvement, and Student Leadership Center.

The Office of Orientation and Transition is committed to helping students get started on the right foot at JMU so that they can learn as much as possible to reach their potential. It all starts with The One Book, then Summer Springboard and Weeks of Welcome starts the transition on campus. Orientation is designed to introduce new students to all that JMU offers.

Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity & Expression (SOGIE) Programming works toward promoting James Madison University's commitment to diversity through education, support, advocacy and the fostering of equity for all students, inclusive of all sexual orientation or gender identity and expression.

The University Career Center believes that every student’s journey matters, thus we prepare and empower all students in every aspect of their career development, regardless of their major or career interest. This preparation includes helping students to develop career goals, explore career interests through internships and other engagement opportunities, implement an effective job search, or research graduate study options.

The University Health Center partners with students to encourage personal responsibility for their well-being by providing primary care and education in a professional and collaborative manner.

University Recreation promotes and advances healthy lifestyles through participation opportunities, educational experiences and supportive services. Our qualified staff is committed to excellence and attentive to the developmental needs of our participants.

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