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Nutrition Analysis is currently closed to new participants and will reopen at the start of the fall semester.

Nutrition Analysis

UREC's Nutrition Analysis provides an opportunity to learn more about your current nutritional status. This package includes the following:

  • Initial consultation with a nutrition analyst to complete a 24 hour recall and discuss nutritional goals.
  • Completion of a 3-day food record.
  • Computer analysis of both 24 hours recall and 3-day food record.
  • Follow-up with the nutrition analyst to discuss analysis results and ways to meet individual nutritional needs.
  • Virtual meetings with the nutrition analyst will be available upon request.

This service may be utilized by JMU students, faculty and staff for a $30 fee. 

Registration and payment (non-refundable) for a nutrition analysis can be made at using a credit card or with FLEX in the UREC Wellness Center. You will be contacted within 3-5 business days to schedule your initial appointment.

Please download and complete the Health History Questionnaire and bring it to the UREC Wellness Center for your first appointment with the Nutrition Analyst.

For more information, contact the Assistant Director for Fitness and Nutrition.

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