The HOPE Team is a multidisciplinary team approach for students with disordered eating and exercise behaviors.  The goals of the HOPE Team are to provide students who are suffering from eating and exercise disorders with an on-campus resource to give them what they need in terms of education, evaluation, and eventual recovery. To meet with a member of the HOPE Team, contact them directly to set up an appointment.

Heather Harris, RDN - University Health Center Registered Dietitian

The Registered Dietitian will meet with students to assess their nutritional status and make dietary recommendations. Regular nutrition counseling sessions are available to help students restore an adequate, balanced food intake. To make your first nutrition appointment, call the Health Center at 540-568-6178.

Erin Williams, MA, LPC - Counseling Center Clinical Case Manager

The Counseling Center offers psychological assessment and therapy. A comprehensive recovery plan might involve individual counseling, either on OR off campus, and participating in group therapy. For more information call 540-568-6552.

Mouline Etre, MD - University Health Center Physician 

The University Health Center will address related physical and medical concerns. Consultations with a physician are available to support your medical needs. A medical evaluation may include a physical exam, lab work and a depression screening. Call the Health Center at 540-568-6178 or go to MyJMUChart to make an appointment.

Jessie Purcell, MS, CF-L2, PN-L1 - Assistant Director for Fitness, UREC 

The Assistant Director for Fitness & Wellness at the University Recreation Center will provide a fitness consult and/or fitness assessment and may schedule regular meetings to monitor progress. For more information email

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