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All student organizations are subject to the following policies.

Alcohol Policy

Policy, J38-101 – Student organizations are subject to policy J38-101 and all related university policies on alcohol, including but not limited to the policy of any on-campus building in which an event occurs. Groups that belong to the Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Council or Inter-Cultural Greek Council are also subject to Fraternity and Sorority Life and CMSS policies, respectively.

Drugs Policy

Policy, J38-102 – Student organizations are subject to policy J38-102 Drug Policy.

Free Speech Policy

Policy 1121 – JMU seeks to preserve students’ privileges to take active roles in exercising their rights of expression, conscience, affiliation and peaceful assembly. At the same time, the university also recognizes its responsibility to ensure the rights and freedom of those who want to pursue their educational interest without interference. Student organizations must adhere to the Free Speech Policy when exercising their right to assemble.

Student Clubs and Organizations Contractual Agreements Policy

Policy 4101 – No FEB student organization, officer or advisor may sign a contractual agreement on behalf of James Madison University. Any contractual agreement must be approved and signed by an authorized Student Life department representative. Furthermore, individuals should not personally sign contracts as that leaves the individual responsible for fulfilling the terms of the contract.

JMU Public Posting Policy

Policy 3104 – Student organizations must adhere to the JMU Public Posting policy, including limiting flyer posting to two weeks and only posting in approved posting areas.

Student Organization Conduct Policy

In case of an emergency involving members of or associated with a student organization after regular business hours, please contact Campus Safety at 540-568-6911. They will inform the appropriate professional staff member who will be able to assist you. Fraternity and Sorority Life organizations should also call the FSL on-duty phone immediately at 540-421-1177.

Any member of the university community may submit an anonymous report giving details of the alleged harm or incident to the Coordinator of Student Leadership and Involvement for Organization Development or their designee. The report submitted should include the following information:

  • Detailed description of the alleged harm or incident
  • Date, time, and place of incident(s)
  • Name of the organization(s) involved
  • Name of the individual(s) involved

If you have any questions about this contact Student Life at beinvolved@jmu.edu

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