Use of JMU Logo

Recognized Student Organizations may use approved JMU Logos in accordance with the JMU Brand Standards. Any licensed JMU seals and marks will be used in accordance with university licensing procedures. When selling merchandise with any form of the JMU name or logos, groups must use licensed vendors approved by the JMU Foundation.

Use of JMU Name

The use of the university’s name in the organization’s title is possible, as long as university sponsorship or endorsement is not implied or stated. Neither the organization nor the officers or members acting on behalf of the organization will represent itself or themselves as official “agents” of James Madison University.

The organization will not authorize the use of or use the university’s name for any commercial purpose or in any way which may reflect adversely upon the university. The organization may not imply or otherwise create the appearance that JMU sponsors, controls or is responsible for the activities of the recognized student organization.

If you have any questions about this contact Student Life at

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