Per JMU Policy 3101, All student organizations must have a JMU faculty or staff member serve as their adviser.

Advisers play a key role in offering guidance and advice. For sports clubs, the Assistant Director of Sport Clubs serves in this capacity automatically and no additional adviser is required. For social fraternities and sororities, a coordinator from the Office of Fraternity and Sorority life will fulfill this role.

Advisers can be any full or part-time faculty or staff member with JMU. Graduate Students cannot be the listed adviser to an organization, but may assist in the adviser role under the supervision of a JMU faculty or staff member.

The adviser should be the first stop with any questions regarding university policy or if the organization is in need of any assistance in the day-to-day operations. Student Leadership and Involvement does not dictate the relationship an organization must have with their adviser. Each organization will have a different relationship with their adviser, but here are some possible responsibilities of an adviser:

  1. To carry out the duties assigned to the adviser by the organization’s approved constitution
  2. To serve as a liaison between the university and the student group, to interpret university policies and procedures, and to be an official guest at the organization’s functions when appropriate
  3. To be aware of and assist the organization in the management of its financial operations
  4. To assist the organization in planning and executing its programs and events, and to refer organizers to appropriate university resources which may aid in the planning process
  5. To approve the organization’s applications for use of university space, vehicles and fundraising and to verify the organization’s requests for financial support through student fees (like Student Government Association contingency funds)
  6. To consult periodically with the designated staff concerning the organization’s direction, programs and function and to notify designated staff in the event the organization has decided to disband or has ceased to function as a student organization
  7. To assist the organization in the periodic examination of its progress toward the goals specified in the organization’s constitution and to suggest alternatives that may aid in goal attainment
  8. To submit an Adviser Confirmation Form to Student Leadership and Involvement within 10 days of accepting an adviser position

If you have any questions about this contact Student Life at

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