JMU is committed to the positive education of new members in the process of joining an organization; this process should create better members through the development of maturity and leadership. We believe that hazing sets a standard that focuses on endurance or tolerance of a difficult pledge education process that should instead focus on achievement of positive standards. Thus, the following alternatives are recommended to create positive traditions.

Develop leadership: Assign and involve new members in organizational committees for fund-raising activities, community service projects, public relations, new member recruitment, etc.

Involve your organization with the university: Encourage members to participate in university committees, the Student Government Association, Weeks of Welcome, intramural sports and other organizations. Invite university faculty and staff members to conduct presentations.

Instill a sense of unity within your organization: Plan special events for members such as holding a retreat, attending a football game or cultural event, or honoring your adviser. Remember, retaining members is just as important as recruiting members.

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