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Student Organization Categories

The following categories are outlined to provide groupings for all recognized student organizations. These categories help clubs define the purpose of their organization and students who are looking to get involved in a specific type of organization. Through Be Involved, organizations can select the category that best fits the mission of their organization. The categories are as follows:

Academic – Organizations whose mission relates to student success in a particular college or area of study. This includes all honor societies.

Armed Services – Organizations who are primarily related to the United States Armed forces.

Club Sports – Organizations that compete with club sports teams at other universities. These sport teams are also recognized and supported by the Sports Club Council and the University Recreation Center.

Greek-Letter – Fraternities and sororities that are affiliated with the Panhellenic Council, Interfraternity Council and the Inter-Cultural Greek Council.

Health and Wellness – Organizations whose primary focus is to enhance well-being through promotion of a healthy lifestyle in both the physical and mental aspects.

Language, Culture-Based or Affinity Group – Organizations that offer opportunities to explore language, cultural and social aspects of various cultural and international groups while fostering cultural diversity and support for their members and the campus community.

Leadership – Organizations that promote personal and organizational influence on campus.

Performing and Visual Arts – Organizations whose primary focus is using visual and performing arts such as painting, sculpting, drawing, theatre and dance to convey artistic expression.

Political, Issue-Oriented or Advocacy – Organizations whose primary purpose and activities support or oppose any specific ideology, political thought or cause.

Professional Development – Organizations whose purpose and activities help prepare students for particular professions after graduation.

Publication and Media – Organizations whose primary focus involves the use of mediums of mass communication such as newspapers, magazines and radio.

Recreation – Organizations that promote sports-oriented programs and/or recreational activities.

Religion/Spirituality – Organizations whose primary activity is worship, devotion, prayer, meditation or study of religious concepts. These organizations serve as support for students of a particular religious persuasion or denomination or discuss a religious ideology.

Service-Oriented – Organizations whose main purpose is to provide a learning opportunity for students through community service and volunteering. This includes service fraternities.

Special Interest – These organizations offer students opportunities to get involved in a variety of activities that are not generally offered in any other category.

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