Every year, organizations must register to confirm that they are still active and are aware of the most up-to-date policy information. Registration occurs during the spring and summer each year.

To be considered in good standing, organizations recognized must register the organization through Be Involved each year. This must be completed by the organization’s President or primary contact. This online registration includes:

  1. Updating your Be Involved Roster to list current officers, active members, and adviser
  2. Uploading an updated copy of your organization’s constitution and bylaws

We also highly recommend that organizations complete the Bank Authorization Form to have new executive members listed as authorized signers on their CommonWealth One bank account. Relevant executive members should also complete the Cash Handling Training for fundraising and Student Event Planner Certification to reserve rooms through Event Management. Once all steps are finished, keep an eye out for an automated message from Be Involved indicating if your registration was approved or if further action is needed to complete registration.

If an organization does not complete all steps of annual registration before the fourth Monday of fall semester, they will no longer be considered a recognized student organization at JMU. Inactive organizations lose privileges including room registration, fundraising on campus, Student Org Night participation and the ability to use JMU’s name or logo in their organization name, on t-shirts or in promotional materials.


Tips for Annual Registration through Student Leadership and Involvement:

  1. Complete registration before the spring semester ends, in case issues arise. 
  2. You must be a current member on your organization’s roster and be listed as an officer through the system to be able to register on Be Involved. Confirm that your account has access through the indication of executive board membership before attempting to re-register your organization.
  3. Ensure that your organization’s constitution complies with the constitution requirements outlined by Student Leadership and Involvement. 

Organizations may have to update required clauses in their constitution as mandated by JMU, state and federal government.

If you have any questions about this contact Student Life at

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