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Any recognized student organization which is chartered with a constitution and in good standing with Student Leadership and Involvement for at least four months is eligible for contingency funds through the Student Government Association. Contingency is money from student fees that is given to student clubs for internal organization use OR for a campus-wide program or event. If you need help starting a new event or fundraising is not covering all of your costs, you can apply for contingency. Organizations must also show they have exhausted all forms of fundraising. Recognized student organizations can apply for up to $3,000.

Contingency funds can pay for:

  • Registration fees/conference fees
  • Supplies that can be reused for later events 
  • Performers/speakers
  • Advertisement 
  • JMU registered vehicles 
  • Rentals and gas

Contingency funds cannot pay for: 

  • Reimbursements (no funding purchases made before the application is submitted)
  • Food/dietary requests 
  • Honorariums 
  • Costumes/makeup 
  • Requests that make any type of revenues 
  • Any requests that generate a net profit (directly or indirectly) for any JMU club/organization, to fund loans, or to pay a debt or reimbursement
  • Decorations 
  • Hotel costs 
  • Airfare or train tickets

If you have any questions about this contact Student Life at

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