FSL and CMSS Organization Dual Recognition

A student organization wishing to affiliate itself with either Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) or the Center for Multicultural Student Services (CMSS) must be recognized through Student Leadership and Involvement. Organizations sponsored through these offices, but who have not completed the recognition process outlined through Student Leadership and Involvement, do not have privileges associated with recognized organizations.

Other National Organizations

Students wishing to start a local chapter of any national organization—be it social, academic or professional—must have permission to do so by the expansion chair of that national organization or other designee. It is the responsibility of the student chapter to adhere to their national policies and expectations in addition to JMU policies outlined in this handbook or otherwise distributed.

IFC, Panhellenic and ICGC Organizations

Social fraternities and sororities must first gain approval from the Assistant Director for FSL (Student Life) or the Assistant Director of ICGC (Center for Multicultural Student Services) for Multicultural Greek Life, as appropriate, before they are allowed to participate in the recognition process through Student Activities & Involvement. Submissions for social fraternities or sororities without this approval will not be considered for recognition. For reference, please read the Fraternity Expansion Policy provided by FSL.

Social fraternities (also known as general fraternities) are Title IX-protected, single-sex student organizations whose main purpose is the personal development of their members. These fraternities do not promote a specific profession, discipline, department or service.

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