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The most up-to-date information regarding the timeline and process for recognition of new (or returning from inactive status) organizations can be found at Student Leadership and Involvement’s Start an Organization website. This is the first step for the majority of groups that want to be recognized with full university privileges. For more information regarding sport clubs, please visit University Recreation’s website.

Steps to Becoming Recognized through Student Activities and Involvement
1. Online Application

Students wishing to start a new organization begin by completing the New Organization Application on Be Involved. Registration requirements include:

  • Five founding members for the organization that are currently enrolled JMU students of any class standing.
  • A President and Treasurer.
  • JMU faculty/staff adviser ((full- or part-time faculty/staff member or a registered affiliate, per JMU Policy 3101). This person cannot be a graduate student.
  • National affiliation information and letter of sponsorship (if applicable).
  • Answering supplemental questions.
2. Next Steps

After submitting the online registration, organizations will be approved and a select number of members will be added to a page on Be Involved where you will have access to complete the necessary recogition steps. Topics that will be covered during this step will include:

  • Constitution
  • Be Involved
  • Club House
  • Banking
  • Student Event Planner Training 
  • Risk Management
3. Constitution Review

Organizations will submit their Constitution during this process. A Student Leadership and Involvement staff member will review it and provide feedback. Depending on conent, the organization leadership may be asked to meet with the staff member.

4. Recognition

Once the organization has completed the presentations, quizzes, the organization will be recognized when the final constitution has been submitted. SLI staff will confirm the required aspects of the constitution, and then finalize the recognition by:

  • Making the organization’s Be Involved page viewable to the public.
  • Alerting Event Management and Scheduling of the new organization to allow for room reservations.
  • Adding the organization to the Club House check-in process for authorized use.
  • Assigning a Student Organization Mailbox to the group (located in The Club House).

If you have any questions about this contact Student Life at

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