Welcome to The Club House!

The Club House is a centrally-located resource center that supports organization development and promotional needs of all recognized JMU student organizations.


Student Organizations: Use our CLUB HOUSE PRINT REQUEST FORM to submit printing requests to the Club House and then pick up at your convenience!

Spring 2024 Club House Hours

Monday: 9:30a - 6:30p

Tuesday: 9a - 2p, 4:30p - 8:30p

Wednesday: 9:30a - 6:30p

Thursday: 9a - 2p, 4:30p - 7p

Friday: 8a - 10a

The Club House is in the Union 208 (2nd floor - all the way down the hall from the post office, across from Fraternity & Sorority Life).

All student organizations recognized by JMU may use the Club House. 

The Club House offers student organizations a number of resources which include:

  • Printers (Black/White and Color; Limit 10 color pages per week)
  • Colored Paper
  • Poster Board
  • Banner Paper
  • Die Cuts
  • Paint
  • Copier (Limit to 100 copies per week; use or lose)
  • Button Maker (Limit 50 buttons per year)

The Club House materials are to be used for marketing / advertising of student organizations only. For example, the Club House should be used to create handbills to distribute on the Commons, posters to recruit new members at Student Org Night, banners to hang around campus advertising your upcoming event, etc. Students found utilizing materials for other purposes, such as printing homework, will be asked to leave and their club will be suspended from utilizing the Club House.

Inappropriate uses of Club House materials include:

  • Items for individuals (ex. birthday cards, paddles, present wrapping, painted coolers, personal notes, etc.)
  • Academic work (ex. class or group project)
  • Decorations for parties
  • Encouragement / cheerleading signs (ex. a poster cheering on a particular person or organization, a welcome back poster for an individual, etc.)
  • Each individual entering the Club House must sign in by organization name at the registration computer.
  • All supplies should stay in the Club House. No one will be permitted to take supplies from the Club House for outside use.
  • Individuals may only do work for the organization that they have signed in under.
  • All resources in the Club House are to be used for the marketing or advertising of student organizations and not for personal / academic work. If you misuse the resources in the Club House, a staff member will ask you to leave and your organization will be suspended from using the Club House.
  • Please dispose of anything that no longer works. Do not store them away.
  • Please clean up after yourself before you leave. Put the supplies away that you have used and throw away any scraps of paper that cannot be reused.

Please notify the Program Assistant at the front desk if there is something you need or if you have any questions. They are there to assist you!

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