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Virginia Anti-Hazing Law Adam’s Law

On July 1, 2022 amendments to Code of Virginia was enacted by the General Assembly directly impacting Hazing Prevention Training required of universities. The legislation (known as Adam’s Law) requires University Staff train in-person, potential new organization members, current organization members, and advisors of student organizations on hazing, the dangers of hazing, including alcohol intoxication, and hazing laws and institution policies and information explaining that the institution's disciplinary process is not to be considered a substitute for the criminal legal process.

Only certain student organizations are required to attend these trainings. This designation is based on several factors, including:

  • The organization is structured in such a way that upon invitation for membership, individuals do not automatically become members of such organization and have a period of time between invitation for membership and being initiated into membership.
  • An application, interview, recruitment, rush, intake or other similar process is required for admittance into the organization, with current members having the ability to not accept all potential new members.

This training is mandatory by law for these organizations to remain active and in good standing with the university. Failure to have your members trained will result in the organization losing recognition including loss of all privileges such as the ability to recruit, room reservations, host programs, and Club House use. Organizations will be required to cease and desist all operations until training is completed.

Members of organizations may attend any of the following training sessions without pre-registration. Attendance will be taken at each session and the appropriate organizations will be credited for attendance. Leaders and members holding positions in multiple organizations will have their attendance counted toward all affiliated organizations. We will base completion and attendance on the executive body names submitted during the Be Involved Annual Registration Process.

All individuals attending any of our training sessions will be asked to check in in order to track completion. Organization members should download the “JMU Be Involved” App from the App Store or Google Play in advance to expedite check-in and ensure credit for attending. The QR scanner in the app is used for check-in.

Training completion will be tracked using Be Involved rosters, so please make sure your rosters listed on Be Involved are accurate and up to date. Organizations found intentionally misrepresenting their roster information will be sanctioned.

Rosters can be updated by an Officer of the organization by:

  • Logging into Be Involved
  • Navigating to the organization page
  • Clicking the “Membership” menu
  • Selecting “+Members” button in the top right corner. Names can be individually searched in the directory.
  • Need to add a lot of people? Click “Paste List” on the Membership menu to paste a list of JMU Emails!
 Training Dates for ANYONE
Day  Date Location Time


Potential Member Training Dates
Day  Date Location Time
Friday September 1, 2023 256 Warren Hall 3-4pm
Wednesday September 6, 2023 405 Taylor Hall 2-3pm
Monday September 18, 2023 Allegheny Room, Festival 5:30-6:30pm


Student Leader and Current Member Training Dates
Day  Date Location Time
Saturday August 26, 2023 AUBC 10-11am
Saturday August 26, 2023 AUBC 12-1pm
Thursday August 31, 2023 256 Warren Hall 3-4pm
Monday September 4, 2023 Highlands Room, Festival 5-6pm
Tuesday September 5, 2023 256 Warren Hall 2-3pm
Wednesday September 6, 2023 Grafton-Stovall Theater 6-7pm
Thursday September 7, 2023 404 Taylor Hall 4-5pm
Monday September 11, 2023 Grafton-Stovall Theater 12-1pm
Tuesday September 12, 2023 Grafton-Stovall Theater 5-6pm
Wednesday September 13, 2023 405 Taylor Hall 3-4pm
Thursday September 14, 2023 405 Taylor Hall 10-11am
Wednesday September 20, 2023 Grafton-Stovall Theater 6-7pm
Thursday September 21, 2023 404 Taylor Hall 3-4pm
Monday September 25, 2023 256 Warren Hall 4-5pm
Tuesday September 26, 2023 Grafton-Stovall Theater 5-6pm
Wednesday October 4, 2023 405 Taylor Hall 4-5pm
Tuesday October 10, 2023 Highlands Room, Festival 3-4pm
Tuesday October 31, 2023 Grafton-Stovall Theater 3-4pm
Tuesday November 7, 2023 405 Taylor Hall 5-6pm
Thursday November 9, 2023 Grafton-Stovall Theater 5-6pm


Advisor Training Dates
Day  Date Location Time
Wednesday September 13, 2023 305 Taylor Hall 12-1pm
Friday September 15, 2023 305 Taylor Hall 10-11am

Questions, concerns, or clarifications can be directed to beinvolved@jmu.edu.

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