Organizations play an important role within JMU and our surrounding communities. By contributing to an active and positive campus, student organizations contribute significantly to the success of both JMU’s mission and its students. As part of its educational mission, JMU supports and encourages participation in co-curricular activities as an integral part of students’ college career. By combining the knowledge gained in the classroom with skills developed through co-curricular activities, organization members are much better prepared to explore and develop their total potential at JMU.

Value to Members
  • Achieving self-development and personal growth
  • Finding groups with similar interests
  • Developing leadership skills and values, such as problem solving, communication, organization and responsibility to society
  • Expanding your circle of friends
  • Finding a balance for academic life
  • Creating valuable campus and community contacts
  • Experiencing employment advantages after graduation
  • Receiving recognition for hard work
  • Enjoying the activity itself
Value to the University
  • Creating involved and informed students
  • Accessing resources to address issues and concerns
  • Forming joint partnerships between students, faculty and staff
  • Developing programs that engage the university community
  • Building positive relationships between the university and surrounding communities
Value to the Community
  • Taking part in valuable services
  • Hiring college graduates with leadership qualities and abilities
  • Developing future leaders with knowledge, skills and integrity
  • Contributing personal time and money to charities both locally and nationally

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