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Our vision

We will partner with you, the families of JMU students, to encourage student independence and prepare students to become educated and enlightened citizens who will lead productive and meaningful lives.

Preparing for your new role

Your student is heading off to Madison and is about to begin a new life. From newfound freedom and an abundance of new choices to a new set of daunting responsibilities, your student will use The One Book, Summer Springboard, and 1787 August Orientation to prepare for his or her new role. Your role is changing, too, and we want to help you prepare for the transition.

Family members are an important part of the JMU community and you deserve a special welcome, too. We expect family members to play an active role in the success of your student. The challenge is how to be involved while ensuring that your student is the one making the decisions, completing The One Book steps, learning the lessons and taking healthy risks. What makes this challenging is that your student has to learn how to balance newfound freedoms with an immense degree of responsibility. On this site, and during Summer Springboard, is where we begin the dialogue with you about how this relationship works. It provides you with some of the details you need to make your way as a JMU family member.

We anticipate that you have a lot of questions. The links to the left can provide answers to most of your questions. We look forward to meeting you during Orientation and helping you and your student make a smooth transition to Madison.

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Frequently Asked Questions

One Book

Summer Springboard

1787 Orientation

General Information

One Book

When will my student receive their One Book?

Orientation will start mailing First-Year One Books at the beginning of April to all first-year students who have paid their tuition deposit. As deposits are received and posted to student’s accounts, One Books will continue to be mailed on a rolling basis. If your student does not receive a One Book by May 15th, please contact our office at or 540-568-1787. Please allow 7-14 days delivery time after deposit.

Orientation will start mailing Transfer One Books beginning in April to transfer students admitted for the summer and fall terms. If your student does not receive a Transfer One Book by May 1, please contact our office at or phone 540-568-1787.

How will my student enroll in classes?

Visit this website to learn more about how your student will enroll in their first semester of classes at JMU!

Summer Springboard

Where can I stay the night before and/or after Orientation?

We have compiled a directory of local hotels that may offer discounted rates for families attending Orientation. Be sure to mention JMU Orientation when making your reservations. Some restrictions may apply.

Where do I park for Orientation?

Please refer to Getting Around Campus.

If my student cannot attend Orientation, are family members able to attend programming without their student?

Family members are welcome and encouraged to attend Orientation, even if the student cannot attend. However, family members will not be able to finalize class schedules for the student nor meet with an advisor. The student should add family members to their "My Orientation Reservation" step on the One Book website and should also send Orientation a message noting the day they will be attending.

1787 Orientation

When will my student move into their residence hall?

First-year Students: Click on the "Housing Assignment & Roommate Notification" step on the One Book website to determine your assigned move-in date. Your student should also receive an email from ORL with specific instructions. First-year students are scheduled to move in on either Tuesday or Wednesday of the week prior to the first day of class.

Transfer Students: Please follow the instructions in the email correspondence that your student receives from ORL once the application has been approved.

What date does my student move into the residence halls if he or she is a fall athlete?

This depends on the particular sport. Your student will learn more from their coach.

What date does my student move into the residence halls if he or she is a member of the Marching Royal Dukes?

Your student will receive information from the Marching Band office regarding move-in times.

General Information

What is the Orientation fee? When is it due?

All university financial accounts for first-year and transfer students will automatically be charged the $180 Orientation fee. The fee covers all Orientation programs, preparation and materials. Students do not pay any Orientation fee at this time; however, if your student has an installment payment plan through Madison Money Manager, they should make sure your annual budget includes this charge. All students are charged the Orientation fee whether or not you choose to attend the Orientation programs.

Is my student permitted to have a car on campus?

First-Year Students are not permitted to have cars on campus.

Transfer Students are permitted to have a car on campus, but must first obtain a parking permit for residential parking. For more information on parking policies, please visit

Students living off-campus must obtain a parking permit for commuter parking.

Useful Campus Resources

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