Tuition and Fees Support

The following scholarships are intended to assist Honors students in offsetting tuition, fees, and book expenses. These awards are auto-matched in Madison Scholarships Hub, so no further information is required to apply beyond the General Application in MSH. Details about each scholarship can be viewed in the Hub. 

Alexander L. and Joanne Gabbin Business Scholarship

Honors Advisory Board Scholarship

Honors College Scholarship

Joanne V. Gabbin Scholarship

William & Betty Lusk Scholarship

William W. McAnulty Scholarship in Engineering

Payne Family Scholarship

Edythe S. Rowley Scholarship

Sarah M. and Charles W. Smith, III Scholarship

Travel, Research, and Experiences

The Honors College offers a variety of grants and awards that support student travel, research, and other experiences not covered by tuition or fees. 

Honors College Summer Enrichment Experience Scholarship  - up to $5,000 to engage in a research experience, internship, entrepreneurial activity, creative endeavor, or service- or leadership-related initiative (domestic or international). Students work with a faculty mentor to design unique projects that help them meet their academic and/or career goals. Read more about Honors College Summer Enrichment Experience Scholarships here

Honors College Small Grants - up to $500. Small grants are intended to assist in expenses such as conference fees, capstone projects and internships for students. All Honors college students may apply for assistance. Read more about Small Grants here

Honors College Study Abroad Scholarship - $1000-$3000 depending on the financial need of the applicant, the cost of the study abroad experience, and the level of available funds. Read more about the Honors College Study Abroad Scholarship here.

Other Campus Resources

Study Abroad Scholarships - The Center for Global Engagement offers many scholarships to students who wish to study abroad. CGE requires its own application; for more information and to apply, please visit the CGE Scholarships page.

National Fellowships are not administered by the Honors College, but Honors College students are often competitive candidates. Please reach out to the JMU Office of Fellowships and Awards for more information about these prestigious opportunities for funding graduate studies, public service work, language acquisition, internships, study abroad, etc. 

Please go to the Cost of Attendance Calculator to see the estimated cost of attendance for your program of study.

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