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What are fellowships?

Fellowships are competitive awards that provide financial support for activities such as graduate study, study abroad, activism and public service work, language acquisition, internships, self-designed projects, teaching English abroad, and so much more.    

Note: With very few exceptions, these awards do not pay for regular tuition and fees at JMU. Please go to the Cost of Attendance Calculator to see the estimated cost of attendance for your program of study.

Who are fellowships for?

It is a common misconception that fellowships are for somebody else. The reality is that fellowships offer diverse, far-reaching opportunities. While some awards may look for high GPAs or specific experiences, many do not. Students of all backgrounds, majors, and interests are welcome and encouraged to connect with us for more information. It is always worth a conversation to learn what your options may be. 

Why should I apply?

Because you will learn a lot about yourself! When you apply for a fellowship, you think deeply about your motivations and interests. You learn how to articulate your strengths and goals while developing the art of persuasion and becoming a stronger writer and presenter. Regardless of the outcome of any award, you take these skills with you 

Spring 2024 Office Hours

Meet with a fellowships adviser. Drop in only; no reservations. Open to all students. 

  • Tuesdays 3pm-5pm Honors College
  • Wednesdays 2pm-4pm Reddix First Generation Center
  • Thursdays 2pm-4pm Rose Library
  • Fridays 1pm-3pm Lakeview Hall 1184-1190
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