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Honors College Staff
Brad Newcomer

Bradley Newcomer, Ph.D.

Dean and Professor of Physics

Phil Frana

Philip Frana, Ph.D.

Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies

Dr. Fawn-Amber Montoya

Fawn-Amber Montoya, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Diversity, Inclusion and External Engagement

Dr. Alysia Davis

Alysia Davis, Ph.D.

Director of Student Engagement

Meredith Malburne-Wade, Ph.D.

Meredith Malburne-Wade, Ph.D.

Director of Fellowships Advising

Jared Diener

Jared Diener, M.St.

Director of Honors Advising and Global Initiatives

Melinda Adams

Tammy Steele

Executive Assistant

Dianne Fulk

Dianne Fulk

Administrative Assistant

Beth Chenault

Beth Chenault

Part-Time Data Entry Specialist

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To Be Determined

Honors Advising Peer

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To Be Determined

Honors Advising Peer

Amanda Arrain-Student Worker

Amanda Arrain

Student Office Assistant

Ashlyn Campbell

Ashlyn Campbell

Student Office Assistant

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To Be Determined

Student Office Assistant

Alexia Munoz-Moctezuma

Alexia Munoz-Moctezuma

Student Office Assistant

Honors Faculty Liaisons

Honors faculty liaisons serve as a nexus between the Honors College and academic departments and units on campus. Liaisons help integrate the goals and expectations of the Honors College with the academic curriculum and culture of each department. Liaisons work with students, faculty, and the Honors College in the following ways:


  • Liaisons help students understand the expectations and procedures for Honors capstone projects within the department
  • Liaisons connect students with faculty who might be available to work on a project committee and may even make project topic suggestions
  • Liaisons support Honors students in their programs and help facilitate arrangements with independent studies and Honors options within the department


  • Liaisons serve as a resource for faculty with questions about the Honors curriculum and departmental guidelines for Honors capstone projects

Honors College

  • Liaisons encourage outstanding students in their programs who are not current members of the Honors College to consider joining as Track II or III students

List of Honors Faculty Liaisons


Luis Betancourt


Chris Colocousis

Architectural Design

Maureen Shanahan


Maureen Shanahan

Art Education

Maureen Shanahan

Art History

Maureen Shanahan

Athletics (Student-Athlete Services)

Jessica Kyllo

Athletic Training

Connie Peterson


Christopher Rose


Louise Temple-Rosebrook


Richard Foust

College of Business

Michelle Duncan

Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD)

Lincoln Gray

Communication Studies

Tim Ball

Computer Information Systems

Carey Cole

Computer Science

David Bernstein


Katherine Ott

Earth Science

Yonathan Admassu

Chiara Elmi


Vipul Bhatt

Education - Early, Elementary & Reading

Joy Myers

Education - Education Foundations & Exceptionalities

Lisa Schick

Education - Learning, Technology & Leadership

Cheryl Beverly

Education - Middle, Secondary & Mathematics

Ann Wallace


Sam Morton


Heidi Pennington

Environmental Science

Yonathan Admassu

Chiara Elmi


Jaideep Chowdhury

Geographic Science

Louise Temple-Rosebrook


Yonathan Admassu

Graphic Design

Maureen Shanahan

Health Professions

Katherine Ott

Health Sciences

Katherine Ott

Health Services Administration

Katherine Ott


John J Butt

Hospitality Management

Gilpatrick Hornsby

Industrial Design

Maureen Shanahan

Integrated Science and Technology (ISAT)

Louise Temple-Rosebrook

Intelligence Analysis

Stephen Marrin

Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies (IdLS)

H. Gelfand

International Affairs

Hakseon Lee

International Business

Kirk Elwood

Justice Studies

Daniel Beers


Stephanie Kurti


Grace Barth


Kathy Clarke


Carolyn Schubert


Laura Leduc


Theresa Clarke


Brant Jones

Media Arts and Design (SMAD)

Joseph Loyacano

Military Science

Tom Tolman

Modern Foreign Languages

Tomas Regalado


Andy Connell

Music Theatre

Zachary Dorsey


Betsy Herron

Philosophy & Religion

Andrea Veltman


Sean Scully

Political Science

Hakseon Lee


Monica Reis-Bergan

Public Policy and Administration

Hakseon Lee

Quantitative Finance

Jaideep Chowdhury

Social Work

Nancy Poe


Chris Colocousis

Sport and Recreation Management

Mikihiro Sato


Edwin O'Shea

Studio Art

Maureen Shanahan

Theatre and Dance

Zachary Dorsey

Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication

Larry Burton

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