Scholarship Guidelines and Requirements

Our scholarships are funded through private donations and university resources. Scholarships include both merit and merit/need-based awards.

The amount for each scholarship varies from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

Some scholarships are renewable, but most are awarded for a single year. If you received an Honors College scholarship for the current year that is not renewable, and you still meet its requirements, you are welcome to reapply for the next year.

If you are applying for a need-based scholarship, you must have a FAFSA form for the upcoming academic year on file with the Office of Financial Aid. Aid eligibility will be verified for each student selected for a need-based award.

Hillcrest Scholarships

Hillcrest Scholarships are the signature funding program for the Honors College.

These awards provide funds to support transformative, off-campus summer experiences for Honors students. Recipients receive up to $5,000 in financial assistance to engage in a research experience, internship, entrepreneurial activity, creative endeavor, service, or leadership-related initiative. (The scholarship is not limited to these examples). Students, with the aid of their faculty mentors, are encouraged to design unique projects that help them meet their academic and/or career goals. Funds from this scholarship are intended to support project costs with the number awarded each year based on available funds.

In addition to general Hillcrest Scholarships, we provide two focused awards for special populations:

How to Apply

Students must apply in the spring semester prior to the year in which they intend to use the award. Typically, applicants are in their first or second year at JMU.

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Study Abroad Scholarships

The following scholarships are intended for students studying abroad for an experiential learning opportunity. 

Fall 2020 Application Deadline-July 1, 2020
Spring & Summer 2021 Application Deadline-November 1, 2020

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Other Honors College Scholarships

The following scholarships are intended to assist in offsetting tuition, fees and book expenses for students. All Honors college students may apply for assistance. Awards will be selected based on financial need and scholarship requirements.

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Honors College Small Grants

Small grants are intended to assist in expenses such as conference fees, capstone projects and internships for students. All Honors college students may apply for assistance. Awards will be selected based on financial need and scholarship requirements. 

Funding is contingent upon the University's financial situation during spring 2021.

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Application Process

Fall 2020 Application Deadline

Hillcrest-October 26, 2020

Study Abroad-See above for details

Other Honors-See above for details


Scholarship Committee
Email: honorscollegescholarships
Phone: 540-568-7728

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