Honors College students are strongly encouraged to pursue one of the College's Capstone Pathways. In each capstone pathway, students participate in a culminating experience that requires integrating and applying what they have learned during their undergraduate career. All capstone projects require a substantial written component and a public presentation. Students who complete a capstone pathway in addition to the Honors Interdisciplinary Studies Minor earn recognition as Honors Scholars.

Students who select a Capstone pathway will be added to a Canvas group with detailed information on requirements, deadlines, etc. Please contact an advisor if you believe you should have access to this group.

Departmental Capstone Pathway
  • Students complete a six-credit experience over three semesters.
  • Students undertake independent research or creative activity under the guidance of a faculty advisor in one of their majors or minors. 
  • Projects vary by field and may include research theses, music recitals, curated art exhibits, screenplays, works of fiction, business plans, or other project types deemed appropriate by faculty in the capstone field. 
  • Students who complete a departmental capstone graduate with distinction in the capstone field.
Senior Portfolio Project Pathway
  • Students complete a three-credit experience over two semesters to create an ePortfolio that communicates the significance of formative undergraduate experiences to a professional audience. 
  • Students complete a synthesis paper in which they articulate the relationships among their values, goals, and skills and their selected experiences and artifacts.
Departmental Capstone Projects for Non-Minor Students

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