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Honors Departmental Faculty Liaisons are professors who serve as a link between their home departments and the Honors College. Their primary role is supporting Honors students as they navigate coursework and their capstone projects.

Supporting Students

Liaisons help students understand the expectations and procedures for Honors capstone projects within their home department (usually a student's major or minor). This requires knowledge of both home department and Honors processes.

Liaisons may make topic suggestions for student capstone projects (theses, etc).

Liaisons help connect students with faculty who might be willing to supervise Honors Options work or serve on a capstone committee.

Liaisons help facilitate arrangements for independent studies and Honors Options within the department

Supporting Faculty

Liaisons serve as a resource for faculty in their home department, answering questions about the Honors curriculum, Honors Option processes, and departmental guidelines for Honors Capstone projects.

Supporting the Honors College

Liaisons serve as the connection point between the Honors College and their home department, sharing information, announcements, and feedback.

Liaisons encourage outstanding students in their programs who are not current members of the Honors College to consider applying.

Become an Honors Liaison

If you are interested in becoming an Honors Liaison, please speak with your Academic Unit Head. A list of current Honors Liaisons can be viewed here.

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