The Honors budget and expendable account often permits small grants. Current Honors students may request support for scholarly activities, such as attendance at a conference in order to present research, or similar scholarly pursuits. The maximum award is $500. The deadline for Spring awards is January 6th and August 1st for Fall awards. 

Preference for small grant awards is given to Track I and II students pursuing the Honors Interdisciplinary Studies Minor. Preference is always given to students who have demonstrated active and sustained engagement and leadership in the Honors College.  

Awards will be based on a combination of demonstrated need, merit, and a student’s level of engagement in the life and community of the Honors College.  


Special Application Requirements

  • Small Grant Application
  • Complete the statement section on page 2 explaining your request for Honors College Small Grant support. Provide a description of how you will use the funds to support your Honors College educational experience. Please list all past awards and scholarships that you have received during your college career. Finally, describe your current and past involvement in the life and community of the JMU Honors College.
  • Budget:  Attach an additional one-page budget indicating: (1) your anticipated expenses for the proposed experience during the upcoming academic year; (2) the amount of support you expect to receive from other sources (such as your parents, scholarships, etc.); and (3) the amount you are requesting from the Honors College.  (4)  Finally, please state whether you have applied for additional funds from your department or other JMU sources.
  • Return the application to the Honors College Office (Hillcrest 105) or email the application to honors@jmu.edu.
  • Small Grants will be used to directly fund expenses reflected to the relevant project, not as a monetary distribution to students. 

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