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Master of Arts (M.A.) in Political Science, concentration in European Union Policy Studies

This international degree program is an exciting, one-year Master of Arts based wholly in Florence, Italy. Its global perspective, hands-on learning and in-depth instruction will expose you to a diverse and rewarding array of academic, professional and personal opportunities.

1 year program
90 percent employment rate after graduation


The Master of Arts (M.A.) in political science with a concentration in European Union Policy Studies focuses on comparative and international politics. This program is designed to directly engage students in comparative and international politics via studies abroad and practical experience. When students complete the political science program, they should have:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the relevant subfields of political science that pertain to their area of concentration in the program.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the processes that shape politics and policies and the complex interrelationships of political, economic, cultural and ideological interests that influence them in their concentration area.
  • Expertise in contemporary policy issues in political science in their concentration area including international security, immigration, human rights, environmental protection, welfare provision, health and human services, and information technology and their underlying political philosophies.
  • Analytic and language skills, the ability to express themselves in written and verbal form, the ability to formulate and execute a final in-depth project or apply their learning and skills in a practical situation, and broad intercultural competence.
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