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All students in the M.A. in Political Science graduate program choose to undertake an extensive research project or to work at an internship. The internship provides students with the practical professional and international experience necessary to compete in today's global labor market. Students choosing the internship supplement their professional work with an independent research project whose contours are determined via discussions with JMU faculty members and internship partners.

Listed below are examples of internships that past students have completed. This is not a definitive list, and no placement is guranteed. Each year, internship opportunities evolve based on students' various talents, language skills, and career interests, and on the needs of particular organizations. Placements are made based on an application process and interviews with providers.


Associazione Nazionale Pubbliche Assistenze (ANPAS)
Florence, Italy

Dating back to the mutual assistance tradition of Renaissance Italy, ANPAS brings together volunteers in the welfare and medical assistance sector and is also in charge of international adoptions for the region of Tuscany. It is one of the leading Italian welfare sector NGOs. Depending on their foreign language proficiency, students work on projects related to the evolving national and EU legislation in this field, as well as in the area of international adoptions.

Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Center Italia
Florence, Italy

Founded in 1968, the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights is a non-profit organization created by Mr. Kennedy's closest friends and family to realize his dream of a more just and peaceful world. Today, this living memorial is one of the foremost international human rights organizations. In 2011, the Center moved one of its international locations to Florence, enabling a partnership with JMU. Interns have helped the Center through research in the field of human rights, education and democracy and have assisted with the organization of conferences, exhibitions and events.

Firenze Chapter

This office seeks to preserve European artistic heritage and to promote cultural exchange among young people worldwide. Students run the UNESCO Firenze blog, which was founded by previous interns and highlights cultural events in Florence, a UNESCO heritage site. They also contribute to conferences and fundraising events, and help out with social media and communication. Visit Website

Florence, Italy

Oxfam is an international organisation working with partners and local communities in more than 90 countries, to find practical, innovative ways for people to lift themselves out of poverty and thrive. Interns with Oxfam Italia in Florence work on fundraising and awarness rising projects. They organize presentations for students at other universities and local fundraising events. They familiarize themselves with the inner workings of a leading international NGO. Visit Website 

Florence, Italy

ItaliaHello is an online platform that provides critical information to asylum seekers in Italy. For students, this internship is an excellent opportunity to apply the academic subjects they have learned in class to the real world, providing them in turn with more practical knowledge about specific national policies. In the past, JMU students have updated website content, attended outreach meetings throughout Italy, and provided updated and in depth research on several European countries like Germany, Spain, France and Denmark, illustrating their labor markets, health care systems, family policy and immigration policies. Visit Website 


U.S. Consulate General Florence
Consular internship based in Florence

Past students have been selected for a prestigious internship at the U.S. government's seat in Florence putting together daily press reviews, helping to organize events and receptions, and composing briefs for local staff and officials on local issues of interest. This is an excellent, if not selective, opportunity for students interested in pursuing a diplomatic career path post-Masters. Please note, students must be able to pass an initial security clearance in order to qualify for any available internships within the Consulate General. Visit Website

City of Strasbourg
Research Assistant based in Florence

The summer internship with the City of Strasburg takes place in Florence. Students conduct research at the European Union's Historical Archives. The Archives house transcripts of speeches, parliamentary proceedings, and other institutional proceedings, and are managed by the European University Institute. Interns work on projects commissioned by the City of Strasbourg. In the past, interns have researched the speeches of the founding fathers of the EU which addressed or praised the role of the city of Strasbourg in the formation of a united Europe and in the promotion of Franco-German reconciliation and human rights. Visit Website

Europe Direct
City of Florence Administration

This European Commission-funded office promotes communication between EU institutions and the Italian public. Students prepare and carry out the "Learning Europe Project," which allows the Master's students to teach the European Union's History, Institutions and Policies in English at select Italian high schools. Interns have also worked on the "Antenna Europa" project, talking on the radio about EU-wide events of local interest. In addition, they work to prepare and carry out the annual State of the Union Conference and Europe Day celebrations that take place in Florence in May. Visit Website

Government of Kosovo

Every summer, two selected students intern for agencies of the Kosovo government. Specific placement details are determined every year based on the competences of applicant students and their policy interests, and the needs of the Kosovo authorities in terms of positions that they seek to fill. At the beginning of each summer term, after receiving their project charge from the Kosovo organizational partners, interns will travel to Pristina for approximately eight days. While there, they will be introduced to relevant organizations and government bodies on the ground and conduct interviews/meetings with stakeholders. They will return to Florence and, working remotely, prepare their analytical products over the rest of the summer semester. At the end of the summer semester, students will deliver their final analytical products to audiences in Florence, Harrisonburg, and Pristina.


European University Institute (EUI)
San Domenico di Fiesole, Florence

The EUI is the most important EU-related research institution in Europe. The exclusive relationship with the EUI allows interns to work as researchers attached to current political science projects or in the EUI’s administration, where they carry out tasks that can vary from the creation and updating of mailing lists and webpages, to the communication of EUI initiatives, the support in the management of websites and the organisation of academic events. Visit Website

Max Weber Programme For Postdoctoral Studies
San Domenico di Fiesole, Florence

Europe’s largest postdoctoral program in the social sciences and humanities, the Max Weber Programme For Postdoctoral Studies is funded by the European Commission and hosted by the European University Institute (see above). Interns conduct research, draft reports, and help with the organisation of lectures, conferences and press-related materials. There is also ample opportunity to attend stimulating academic events and network with renowned scholars. Visit Website

Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies
San Domenico di Fiesole, Florence

Founded in 1992 and hosted by the European Union Institute (see above), the Robert Schuman Centre hosts research programs, research projects, and a range of working groups and ad hoc initiatives. Its research agenda is continuously evolving. Interns work as research assistants to academics currently working at the center. The availability of this internship depends on the existence of a research project. Basic or advanced statistics may be required. Visit Website

Media and Communication

Flo'n The Go
Florence, Italy

This is an English language on-line website that informs viewers, Italian and foreign alike, about what is going on in Florence. The site focuses on six different topics: Arts, Theatre, Music, Lifestyle, Food and Sports. Interns want to improve their writing style and specialize in communication, journalism, arts and culture. They have to contribute frequent pieces about the not-to-be-missed Florentine events, through a combination between blog and social network styles, with all the useful information needed to both experience the city and best enjoy the events. Ideal interns are independent and eager to immerse themselves in Florentine life, art and culture. Visit Website

Florence News
Florence, Italy

This local newspaper informs the English-speaking foreign public about cultural events going on in Florence and Tuscany. Students have run an ‘EU and Florence’ column, which publishes EU news of interest to foreign residents. They learn how a newspaper is conceptualized, created, printed and distributed, both in hard copy and on-line. Visit Website

The Florentine
Florence, Italy

This is the most widely read English-language magazine in Florence. Students investigate and write articles, document events, and gather interviews and news about EU-relevant themes that also have a local focus. They learn how to upload the paper for the on-line version and specialize in journalistic writing and editing. Visit Website

Trento Economics Festival - Press Office
Trento, Italy

Every year the city of Trento hosts an international Economics Festival. Internationally renowned scholars, Nobel prize winners, politicians, and business leaders, regularly participate in the festival such as Paul Krugman, Thomas Picketty, Matteo Renzi and Michael Spence. Two students are selected annually to travel to Trento and write press releases, interview speakers, and manage social media among other duties. All material produced by interns is in English, but Italian language proficiency is desired. Visit Website

Guelfi Firenze - American Football, Florence TeamFlorence, Italy

Founded in 2000, Florence's American Football team offers interns the chance to develop their communication, outreach, and marketing skills. Internship activities include the creation of plans of action for increasing attendance at home games of Guelfi Firenze through partnerships with hotels, hostels, and tour operators in Florence, performing research on sponsorships by American companies for the Guelfi Firenze team, and reaching out to U.S. based football teams and universities to promote exchanges of coaches and players and develop transatlantic cooperation opportunities. Visit Website



SBF Consulting
Florence, Italy

SBF is an established international accounting and consulting firm that operates in Florence. The firm has partnerships all over the world and specializes in various areas of national and international legal advice and actions. At SBF Consulting, students conduct legal research on various topics of International Law and produce summary reports. They also help draft and review a wide range of legal documents for staff attorneys and accountants. Interns work on translating various legal documents, contracts, and EU balance sheets from Italian to English. Visit Website

Studio Legale Capecchi
Florence, Italy

Studio Legale Capecchi is an international law firm located in Florence that handles different types of cases, from family law to criminal law. Interning for the head attorney gives students the opportunity to practice and learn several transferable skills. Interns become familiar with using WordPress to help update the firm’s website, and contribute to the firm’s social media including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This is a great way to learn about marketing through social media and its importance for a law firm. Interns also help with preparing public presentations for lectures and conferences, and are required to edit and revise legal articles and documents, especially those translated from Italian to English, to ensure that they are understandable to an English speaking audience. Visit Website

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