These are the membership expectations and the organization of the JMU EUPS Advisory Board to serve the EUPS community and support the EUPS program. The Board recognizes that each member’s contributions to the Board and the EUPS program are unique; therefore, consideration will be given to the relative time, talent, and resources of each prospective Board member.


  • Attend and actively participate in Board meetings.
    • There are typically two board meetings per year, historically held on the JMU campus and JMU Washington Center in DC. For those living outside of the DC metro area, there may be exceptions to provide a virtual option, when necessary, but it is highly encouraged that those living outside of the DC metro area still attend at least one meeting in person each year.
  • Support and participate in alumni programs and fundraising activities for the EUPS Program.
  • Engage EUPS alumni to raise awareness of EUPS alumni activities and encourage alumni involvement.
  • Identify and nominate qualified alumni to serve on the Board and/or support programs.
  • Serve in leadership positions on the Board as needed.
  • Be informed about developments in the EUPS Program.
  • Promote and be an effective ambassador for JMU and the EUPS Program.



The Board consists of nine members, representative of various cohorts, concentrations, and professional experiences. New members to the Board will be recommended and approved by existing Board members.

Board members will serve one three-year term, with the possibility of renewal for a second term. Terms will be staggered to maintain consistency through transitions.


The officers of the Board will consist of a President, Vice President, and Past President, and their terms will be for one year. The President will set the agendas for the meetings and preside over meetings with the support of the Director, represent the Board to the administration and publicly, and send communications relevant to EUPS Board and alumni activities. The Vice President will be the incoming President, serve as President if the President is unable to fulfill their duties, and will record and share minutes from meetings. Following a President’s term, they will serve as Past President for one year. Terms will begin at the spring board meeting.


This Advisory Board is expanding & renewing its membership during summer 2023. To apply, you need to submit the following materials by Friday June 30, 2023:

  1. E-mail your resume to the current board at  
  2. Fill out an online application discussing why you want to serve on this board by completing the Google Form link here.

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