Seth Tallvik

Program Manager, Asia
Plan International Sweden

"The JMU EUPS program was a cultivating experience for me, both from a personal as well as a professional perspective. The curriculum and the instructors sought to engage students and balance theoretical policy analysis with practical application. The program offered a rich and diverse, international environment, and was focused on ensuring the best possible career potential and development for its graduates. Without a doubt, EUPS helped me build a strong foundation for work with an international NGO."

Liz Hammer

Liz HammerCountry Director: Belgium, Luxembourg, EU-PESCO, NATO 
Secretary of the Air Force for International Affairs

"The EUPS Program, its curriculum, practical skill application during the simulation and Graduate Symposium, and dynamic pace, were integral to my success in breaking into the Federal government. As I provide vital information on my programs to Key Air Force Leaders, I draw on the analytical and public speaking skills I learned in EUPS. Furthermore, I use the cultural knowledge I gained through personal and academic travel in my role as Country Director. The EUPS program has provided me with essential skills that I will continue to implement over the course of my career."

Briar Dunn

Briar DunnInternational Relations Specialist 
U.S. Customs and Border Protection

"I truly loved the EUPS program. The program gave my resume texture and made my applications stand out, particularly while interviewing for government positions. As a student, I connected well with JMU, deepened my appreciation for the city of Florence, and made many Italian friends. I will always consider Florence my second home."

Liz Perez

Lauren PerezCollegiate Assistant Professor 
University of Chicago

"I was planning to go into a PhD program after the EUPS program, so I was looking for a rigorous and in-depth program on European Union politics. My expectations were easily surpassed by my experience in the EUPS program. I made contacts at the European University Institute, the EU institutions, and at James Madison University that have helped me succeed at the beginning of my academic career."

William Kammerer

William KammererResearcher
National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism

"The EUPS program exceeded my expectations of what a masters program could be. EUPS has played an incredibly impactful role in guiding my career trajectory towards international relations and terrorism studies. The issues and theory that we focused on in the program vastly expanded my understanding of international relations and security, and helped point me in the direction towards terrorism research that I decided to pursue."

Janet Thompson

Janet ThompsonEvents and Visits Manager
Scottish Government EU Office

"I met some of my closest friends through the programme and had an unforgettable time in Florence. At the same time, the EUPS programme has impacted my career choice as it led me directly to an internship in the European Parliament and, ultimately, to my current post working for a Regional Representation in Brussels."

Andrew Medley

Andrew MedleySenior International Trade Compliance Analyst
U.S. Department of Commerce

"While in the program I traveled locally around Florence on weekends; my favorite place in Italy was Cinque Terre (quite close by). Also, the Vatican museum, in Rome, is a must-visit (as are most of the museums in Florence!). Over winter break, I traveled through the Balkans. Bosnia was the biggest surprise (it was amazing!) and I also really enjoyed Slovenia and the capital of Croatia, Zagreb."

Abby Ware

Abby WareAssociate Director
Mission: Readiness

"In the EUPS program you really learn practical skills such as how to write a policy brief or how to synthesize a complex issue in a matter of 500 words. It's not something many people can do. Those skills have really benefitted my career up until now and will benefit me for many years to come."

Geoffrey Skelley

Geoffrey SkelleyElections Analyst

"Academically and personally, the program met and really exceeded my expectations. My research skills benefited immensely from the program, particularly by widening the scope of sources and methods for locating data and information pertinent to the subject at hand."

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