MBA Faculty and Staff
Matt Rutherford

Dr. Matthew Rutherford

Professor, Management; Director of MBA Programs

Lauren Perpetua

Ms. Lauren Perpetua

Director of Recruitment and Marketing, MBA Programs

Tracie Esmaili - 2019

Ms. Tracie Esmaili

Enrollment and Marketing Assistant, MBA Programs

Henry Bromley - No Photo Available

Mr. Henry Bromley

Adjunct Professor, MBA Program

David Cavazos

Dr. David Cavazos

Associate Professor, Management

Sandy Cereola - No Photo Available

Dr. Sandra Cereola

Associate Professor, Accounting; DHG Faculty Scholar, CPA

Bud Clarke - No Photo Available

Dr. Irvine Clarke, III

Professor, Marketing and International Business

Theresa Clarke - 2018

Dr. Theresa B. Clarke

Academic Unit Head and Professor, Marketing and MBA Program

Amy Connolly

Dr. Amy Connolly

Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems, MBA Program

Jeremy Ezell - No Photo Available

Dr. Jeremy Ezell

Assistant Professor, Computing Information Systems and Business Analytics

Jason Fink

Dr. Jason D. Fink

Professor, Finance; Wells Fargo Faculty Fellow

Angela Heavey

Dr. Angela Heavey

Assistant Professor, Management

Bob Kolodinsky

Dr. Robert W. Kolodinsky

Professor, Management

Laura Leduc

Dr. Laura M. Leduc

Academic Unit Head, Management

Diane Lending

Dr. Diane Lending

Professor, Computer Information Systems & Business Analytics; Capital One Information Security Faculty Scholar

Wilson Liu

Dr. Wilson Liu

Professor, Finance and Business Law

Jeff May

Dr. Jeffrey L. May

Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems & Business Analytics, MBA Program

Farris Terry Mousa - 2017

Dr. Fariss-Terry Mousa

Associate Professor, Management; Zane D. Showker Professor of Entrepreneurship

Leigh Mutchler

Dr. Leigh Mutchler

Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics

Andre Neveuv - No Photo Available

Dr. Andre Neveu

Associate Professor, Economics

J. Brian O'Roark

Dr. Brian O'Roark

Part-time Instructor, MBA Program

Raktim Pal

Dr. Raktim Pal

Professor, Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics

David Peterson

Dr. David Peterson

Assistant Professor, Management, MBA Program

John Robinson

Dr. John Robinson

Lecturer, Economics and MBA Program

Christina Roeder - No Photo Available

Ms. Christina C. Roeder

Lecturer, Management

Elias Semaan - No Photo Available

Dr. Elias J. Semaan

Professor, Finance and Business Law

Eric Stark - No Photo Available

Dr. Eric M. Stark

Associate Professor, Management

Daphyne Thomas

Dr. Daphyne M. Thomas

Professor, Finance & Business Law; Adolph Coors Professorship, Business Administration

Mert Tokman - 2019

Dr. Mert Tokman

Professor, Marketing and MBA Programs; Global Supply Chain Management Minor, Program Co-coordinator; Kenneth R. Bartee Endowed Professor

Carl Ullrich

Dr. Carl Ullrich

Associate Professor, Finance

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