Lanterns in Beijing - MBA Trip

Students in all three MBA programs have the opportunity to sign up for MBA 695, our 7 to 10 day trip to a foreign locale for a wide variety of cultural and business experiences. Held in March, previous trips have been to places such as Germany, China, Estonia, Denmark and Viet Nam, with visits to companies like Hyundai, Maersk, Remi Martin and many more. The course also includes preparatory work before the tour, and students will maintain a journal throughout the journey to prepare for post-trip analysis and discussion. All costs except for airfare are included in your tuition!

Tuition covers most of the expenses in residency

The JMU MBA Global Experience has been one of the most impactful opportunities made available to me during my academic career – both at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Traveling with the InfoSec and ELMBA cohorts presented a unique opportunity to learn from them.” 

Maggie Lawson—Estonia/Denmark 

3 Programs and 1 Experience
MBA students attending a class in Beijing
Up to 6 Corporate Visits
MBA students in a textile company in Shanghai

“I believe that JMU has done an excellent job in preparing me and my cohort for the next phase of our careers by having this global residency experience as part of our curriculum. The series of courses prior to this one have all been building to ensure that we will gain valuable information from this course.”

David Thomas—Beijing/Hong Kong

“My confidence changed after this trip and now I can finally see the finish line. I discovered that I wasn’t alone with my insecurities and by the end of the week I noticed other students conquering theirs.”

Mareon Hyman—Estonia/Copenhagen

Trips last 7 to 10 days
Rooftops in Europe
Up to 2 countries per residency
People doing Tai Chi in Beijing

“I was grateful for the reminder that this trip provided of the value of traveling internationally with a learning purpose. The older I get, the less opportunities I have to travel in a way that allows me to do a lot of listening.”

Rachael Harnish—Beijing/Hong Kong

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