J. Brian O'Roark


Part-time Instructor, MBA Program
Contact Info

  • PhD, M.A.: George Mason University
  • B.A. Grove City College
Professional Interests
  • Economic education
  • Economics of information security
  • Pop culture and economics
Personal Interests
  • Marathon running
  • Gardening
  • Comic books
Current Courses Taught
  • Economics of information security
  • Principles of Macro
  • Intermediate Macro
Positions Held
  • BK Simon Professor, University Professor at Robert Morris University
Key Publications

Superheroes and Economics: The Shadowy World of Capes, Masks, and Invisible Hands, Routledge Publishing;

Essentials of Economics, W.W. Norton & Co.

"Games Superheroes Play: Teaching Game Theory with Comic Book Favorites," Journal of Economic Education;

"Super-Economics Man! Using Superheroes to Teach Economics," Journal of Economics Teaching

"The 10 Greatest Films for Teaching Economics," The American Economist

"A Threat-Response Model of Counter-Terrorism: Implications for Information Security and Infrastructure Risks," International Journal of Risk and Contingency Management

"Economic Education Make a Difference in Congress? How Economics Majors Vote on Trade?," Journal of Economic Education

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