Career consultations are personalized and designed to connect faculty—individually or in small groups—to resources and support for professional goal setting and career planning. Regardless of rank, level of experience, or area of interest or need, faculty will be matched with members of the JMU community who have knowledge and expertise in helping address faculty professional development. The CFI will match you with a consultant who will contact you within a week of your request. 

Examples of topics for career consultations include but are not limited to:

  • Creating a career plan that helps achieve career milestones (tenure, promotion, etc.);
  • Planning the next steps after achieving a career milestone;
  • Setting priorities from a wide range of career activities;
  • Improving work-life balance;
  • Thriving in part-time and alternative academic careers;
  • Creating a portfolio or dossier of achievements for various purposes (such as tenure application, career planning, award applications);
  • Changing the main focus of one’s career;
  • Developing a network of mentors;
  • Becoming an effective peer mentor for faculty.

There are many additional topics that can be the focus of a career consultation.

Use the link below to request a consultation:

Individual Consultations

The CFI will match you with a consultant who will contact you within a week of your request. 

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Departmental Consultations

The CFI provides on-demand professional development opportunities for academic units and programs. Unlike the CFI’s general workshops and roundtables, which are targeted to all instructional faculty, these targeted initiatives allow our CFI faculty to tailor outcomes to meet disciplinary or departmental needs. 

Click here for a list of initiatives that the CFI is poised to host.

If you are interested in scheduling a professional development opportunity for next semester please use the request button below. We will review requests on a rolling basis; some inquiries may be deferred depending on the availability of our faculty consultants.

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SCHEV Outstanding Faculty Award Support

The CFI provides support to State Council of Higher Education for Virginia Outstanding Faculty Award nominees during their application process through coaching and editing services. We look for ways to share the knowledge and experience of our stellar talent with the wider JMU, state, and national community.

Click here to learn more about the SCHEV Outstanding Faculty Award.

Provost's Award for Excellence in Part-Time Teaching

The Center for Faculty Innovation manages the nomination process for the Provost's Award for Excellence in Part-Time Teaching.

Click here to learn more about the Part-Time Teaching Award.

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