Besides providing individual-level consultations on portfolios and dossiers, CFI currently offers several programs that support faculty documentation of their achievements:

What's Next? Review Your Career and Design Possible Paths in Times of Change

Join a community of colleagues to review your career, reflect on what is important in it, discuss where you want to go next, and identify next steps that are attainable. This community may be of particular interest to you if you

  • Are preparing for an upcoming promotion process, whether imminent or in the mid-future;
  • Are not on a tenure or promotion track (full- or part-time) but want to create a career plan;
  • Have been in your career for a while and feel that it's time for a change;
  • Want to thoughtfully plan your career in a changing academic environment.

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Preparing Your (Pre-)Promotion Packet

This program is for faculty who are on the way to their next promotion and could use a community to aid in the preparation process. This includes faculty who are going up for tenure this year or next, faculty planning for mid-tenure review in 2024-25, faculty who have been tenured for 2-3 years and are wondering what they have to do to be ready for full professor in another 2-3 years, or faculty who have been in renewable-term appointments for a few years and will be eligible for promotion soon.

If you belong to one of those groups, join this community of colleagues for an intensive week-long institute to identify questions that need to answer and materials that you need to assemble, and to create first drafts of portions of your narrative — as well as give to, and receive feedback from, your colleagues.

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Draft Your Dossier

Join a community of colleagues to write your promotion and/or tenure and/or mid-tenure packet. Framed by check-ins and interrupted by self-care activities and consults, participants will write in community and give and receive feedback on their drafts.

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