jmUDESIGN encompasses an array of initiatives designed to guide participants through the instructional design and redesign process. jmUDESIGN begins with an intensive, five-day summer institute followed by optional, on-demand consultations. The summer institute will provide participants with the skills, knowledge, and support necessary to foster a learner-centered environment. 

During jmUDESIGN, a diverse team of experienced facilitators will assist participants in the principles, methods, and strategies of backward design and course alignment. Each phase of the facilitation process is designed to model diverse pedagogical principles, ranging from learner-centered teaching to feedback and assessment. Participants are placed in a small-group learning community for the duration of the institute, allowing for rich exchange and collaboration among peers.

jmUDESIGN Faculty Learning Community (Online) Fall 2021

This online Faculty Learning Community (FLC) will provide a space for you to plan a course that you will teach next semester. In it, we will explore "the essentials" of university curriculum design, topics that are typically covered in the summer jmUDESIGN institute, which we had to cancel this past year due to the pandemic. Our six sessions will focus on backward design, alignment, assessment, inclusive pedagogy, and interactive teaching. Although this FLC will take place online via Zoom, we will explore tools for both in-person and online instruction. We will root our work in current and critical conversations in academia, use evidence-based practice, and engage in diverse pedagogies. Most importantly, we hope that this FLC provides space to be in a community with others as we all work toward the goal of becoming better equipped as educators at JMU.

Facilitated by: Jessica Del Vecchio, School of Theatre and Dance

jmUDESIGN-Virtual Edition

Amidst the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on CFI staff and other JMU faculty across campus, we paused the week-long, in-person jmUDESIGN program during COVID.

Slides, videorecordings, and other resources from jmUDESIGN – Virtual Edition 2020 remain available on Canvas to help with the development or revision of (in-person, online, or hybrid) courses. Please contact Emily Gravett ( to be added to the Canvas site and to access these supporting materials.

We are also continuing to offer our consultation program, which can provide on-demand course design (and any other teaching-related) support for JMU instructors. Please visit this webpage to learn more or use this link to make a request.


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